Adobe Student Discount options - surprisingly large savings make Adobe software affordable

An Adobe Student Discount gives you the advantage
One of the biggest problems I remember facing when I was a student was how to practice on software I couldn't afford. Adobe software is the best there is, and it comes with an appropriately large price tag. I had to beg and borrow desk space wherever I could in order to brush up my software skills.

Recently, my wife, who is currently enrolled on a part-time course at a local college, wanted to expand her horizons and learn more about graphic design and how to use Adobe software. However, she didn't want to spend vast amounts of money on buying new software, and it was impractical for her to come over to my studio whenever she wanted to practice.

She needed to find Adobe Photoshop cheap - as well as Illustrator and InDesign. She found the answer at the Adobe Education Store. Initially she was only going to buy InDesign CS3, but when she saw the saving that could be made on the Master Collection, she just had to get it. She saved about 60% of the full retail price.

How do you qualify for an Adobe Student Discount?
To buy cheap Adobe software from the Education Stores, you need to be a student in full or part-time education. You need to provide proof of enrollment (with course dates). Alternatively, a signed letter from a tutor on college paper verifying that you are a student there will suffice. You also need to provide some identification such as a driving licence. Both of these items can be scanned in and submitted with your order, and funds aren't taken from your credit card until your student status has been accepted and your order approved.

Students can buy one copy of anything in the store, and can make some very good savings (bearing in mind that the software should only be used for educational purposes). The software is identical to the retail versions, and is fully operational. To give you an idea of the savings that can be made, when my wife was considering InDesign CS3, the Adobe student discount would have enabled her to buy the full version for the same price as an upgrade.

Although cash will probably be tight, it really is worth considering investing in something like the Master Collection (or Design or Web Collections). Getting to know the software inside out will give you a real head start over your fellow job seekers when you are interviewing. Confidence in your own abilities gives prospective employers confidence in you.

Click on this link to open a window showing all available Adobe Stores and Educational Stores: Adobe Stores.

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