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On our website you'll find career information on graphic design employment. There are tutorials covering the basics of graphic design which demonstrate the essential skills required before landing your first graphic design job.

Already up to speed? Great! Below you'll find some great graphic design job websites with live listings from all sorts of sources. There are corporate graphic design jobs, freelance opportunities as well as jobs in graphic design firms.

Be Prepared for Anything

Finding the right kind of graphic design employment can be an exciting time. Whether or not there are a large selection of jobs to consider, it's a good idea to find out as much as possible about any prospective employer. The more you know about the company, it's main area of expertise and the kind of clients they target, the better you can prepare for a possible interview - and prior to that you can tailor your resume and portfolio accordingly.

And you obviously want to make sure it's the kind of company you want to work for! Naturally most of what you need can be gleaned from the internet. If the studio has an online portfolio it'll give you a good idea about whether or not your style and skills will be suited to the position.

You might even need to prepare for a test...

You might need to prepare yourself for a graphic design test. Generally this will involve completing a relatively simple, routine task (or at least it would be simple and routine as far as the prospective employer is concerned). Speaking for myself, the kind of test that I would set would not be anything too creatively demanding - it would be more likely to involve the setup of an InDesign document for an existing client and the layout and press-preparation of an advert, leaflet or some other item. The purpose of such a test would be to determine how capable the candidate is with respect to the following skills:

  • Speed of project execution (nervousness will be taken into account)
  • Knowledge of the software (familiarity with styles, palettes, keyboard shortcuts etc)
  • Knowledge of print processes (are the images CMYK at 300DPI? Are there spot colours mixed with CMYK swatches?)
  • Confidence in own abilities (backed up by a competent result)
  • Design ability (juxtaposition of elements on a page)
  • Precision (are elements lined up with guides where appropriate?)
  • Ability to follow brand guidelines
  • ...and so on...

That's what this website is all about - if you're familiar with most of the above, you'll be fine. Best of luck!

Below are a number of job sites that you might find useful - let us know if you'd like to see your favourite added to the list.

Career Information on Graphic Design
USA - Graphic Design Job Website Search

  • Indeed
    Job Search
  • Media Bistro
    Jobs and recruiting for media professionals in journalism, on-line content, book publishing, TV, radio, PR, graphic design, photography, and advertising
  • Glass Door
    Job Search
  • LinkedIn
    Graphic Design Jobs posted on LinkedIn
  • Behance
    Creative Jobs

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Career Information on Graphic Design
UK - Graphic Design Job Website Search

  • Neuvoo
    A job search engine that indexes jobs directly from companies' career websites
  • Design Week
    Find Top Design, Graphics, Digital, Interior, Print, Retail and Web Design Jobs from leading employers on Design Week.
  • Creative Pool
    UK web based jobs board and recruitment site for the creative, design, media, new media and web industries.
  • Reed
    Billed as the UK's biggest job site
  • Behance
    Creative Jobs
  • Monster
    Fresh job listings posted daily. Have jobs emailed to you.
  • Bubble Jobs
    For web, digital & social media jobs

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Career Information on Graphic Design
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