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If you would like to start using Dreamweaver to build websites, read on. A few short years ago I launched this training site - It actually started life as a studio training manual, and the thinking behind it was that if a novice designer had read the site and understood it, they could easily get through their first day in a graphic design studio.

I was very pleasantly surprised when it started to get popular, and I get plently of great feedback from it every day. One of the most common requests I get is for some website design articles. Until now I had steered clear of website design tutorials because I had always assumed that there were plently out there already - and there are... but I wanted to approach the site build from the point of view of a graphic designer - not a coder/developer.

Using Dreamweaver Tutorials

How to plan, design and build a website using Dreamweaver

In the spirit of my Graphic Design Training website (this one) the website design tutorials on are easy-to-follow and were originally created for folks who have an eye for design, but no idea about how to implement those ideas into the framework and functionality of a website.

There are plenty of designers and Photoshop-savvy publishers out there who, after years of creating work for the print medium (either at home or professionally), need to expand their horizons and create for the web, which inevitably means learning Dreamweaver. I was one of those people.

In writing for the new site I worked on the assumption that the reader could know absolutely nothing about website design or production, but could still work comfortably throught the articles and be much more confident at the end about using Dreamweaver and designing for the Internet. The tutorials are appropriate, therefore, not just for graphic designers wanting to get into the web, but also to anyone just wanting to learn Dreamweaver, HTML or CSS.

I hope you find it useful!

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