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Year planners

..and they'll be there all year

Promote your company with personalised year planners.

Customized, company branded year planners from Tinstar Design are highly effective promotional tools for your business. They are useful as calendars, ideal for staff holiday planners for your clients & suppliers, and they are great year-round, highly visible ads for your company. Our designs can incorporate company colours and branding - as well as photos, illustrations, adverts and anything else that is required.

Available in quantities of 100 and upwards, Tinstar wall calendars have a robust, glossy write-on / wipe-off surface. They can be supplied flat-packed or in individual tubes. Also available are accessory kits, including a write-on / wipe-off pen and a variety of useful coloured, shaped stickers for you to develop your own key.

We also have a year planner shop for customers who just need a one-off calendar or some pen & sticker kits.

Year planner tube

When's best to place an order?

Most of our orders come in between August and November - but we continue to produce them all the way up to the New Year and beyond. We usually recommend that a client allows at least 10 working days for the production and delivery of their printed planners, although the process can be expedited if necessary.

3 Ways Promotional Year Planners Can Make You Money

Our recent blog post outlines three ways in which a customized wall calendar can be cost effective and profitable:

  1. They're excellent promotional giveaways, working for your business all-year-round
  2. They have an intrinsic value and can be sold individually
  3. Some clients sell advertising space, making them profitable from the very start

The most effective way to guarantee profitability of a customized calendar is to sell advertising space on it to your suppliers and partners (rather than competitors). The bigger the finished product, the more potential ad space is available around the edges (our largest size is 914mm wide x 660mm high). The value of a display ad on a wall calendar can depend on various factors, such as circulation, method of distribution and target market – and each can sell for hundreds.

Particularly effective is the targeting of specific industries or professions – key dates relevant to whichever niche is being targeted can be added to the calendar, thus making it an even more valuable resource for its recipients.

If you have any questions at all, please visit our planner website... we look forward to hearing from you!


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