Apple gives free iPod Touch to students

Free iPod Touch with Student Macs
I'm a big fan of Apple - always have been. After all, they've helped me make a living for the past 15 years. I can't really moan too much about the high cost of the equipment, the slow build and delivery service, or even the increasingly smug Apple advertising campaigns - because every time I sit in front of my 30" Cinema Display powered by by nice 'n fast Mac Pro I thank my lucky stars that I don't have to suffer the iniquities of Microsoft, Vista, chunky mice, increasingly bitter Microsoft advertising campaigns, endless popup-software/hardware/virus reminders and so on and so forth. And whenever a client - any client - comes to my studio they comment on my beautiful display and my clean, interesting-looking operating system. And then they go back to Vista thinking they must be paying me too much.

Anyway, I always like it when big companies like Apple cut students a break, so here's a link to their latest 'free stuff for students' offer: " ". I must say though, I think they can afford to do it the other way around... a free Mac with every iPod Touch?... Maybe in the next life. I think Adobe is much more generous with much larger discounts on CS4 - but then again, software is much cheaper to replicate than hardware.

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